Campus Equity Week Oct 26-30

Dear esteemed colleagues,

Campus Equity Week 2015 begins next week!

This year’s theme is: STATE OF FACULTY and pathways to job security and advancement.

Please come join us for the events described below. Come out and join the College of Liberal Arts Adjunct Faculty Committee on Monday, Oct, 26 (10am-2pm) in the LSC Plaza. (Scroll to the bottom to access full schedule of events).

You will also find flyers attached with more information on: the AAUP Roundtable, a Book Discussion, and the University-invited guest speakers, Dr. Doug Hesse and Dr. Megan Fulwiler.

Dr. Hesse will talk on “Advancement through ‘Teaching’ Expanded: Challenges for Non-Tenure-Track Faculty and Their Colleagues”
Dr. Fulwiler will show and discuss the making of her film ConJob: Stories of Adjunct and Contingent Labor, which you can also access open-source at:

Campus Equity Week is open to all faculty and administrators and staff who have an interest in national and local trends informing “the State of Faculty.”

We look forward to sharing good ideas and good conversation with you at the many events next week.

Thank you,


Here are flyers for the events:

CEW AAUP Roundtable Flyer

CEW Guest Speaker Flyer

CEW Book Club Flyer, 2015-2

ConJob Flyer

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