Changing standards for promotion and tenure

Probationary faculty are getting caught by changing standards and expectations. Should their original letter of appointment serve as a “contract” for future evaluations? The CSU Chapter of AAUP is developing a position statement on this issue.


Bill Timpson


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Weapons on campus?

History Professor Mark Fiege: “I am wondering if AAUP or our AAUP-CSU chapter has a policy regarding the concealed carry law and weapons in general. I believe it is within my rights that my classroom not have firearms in it. Even more fundamentally, I believe that it is my right to require that my office—which is my personal, locked, restricted intellectual space, filled with my books, notes, and other intellectual products and private property—be free of firearms, save for unusual circumstances that should require the presence of CSU and other police.

“I have placed a telephone call to the CSU Office of the General Counsel to find out what CSU’s official policy is regarding my concerns. I have not yet heard back. I would appreciate any advice you, the chapter, and AAUP might be able to give me on this matter.

“Yes, please send it out or put it in a newsletter. I would appreciate it if you would include as well the question about CSU policy and procedure in the event of a mass shooting. Again, my daughter’s high school has regular drills, but CSU to my knowledge has offered no advice or training about what we should do. I think it’s fair for CSU to respond to these kinds of concerns.”


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Mid-semester student feedback

by William M. Timpson, Professor, School of Education

Mid-Semester Student Feedback program offers an opportunity for instructors to engage students in a constructive discussion of course strengths, concerns and possible improvements while there is still time to consider changes. Perhaps as important, instructors challenge students to think more deeply about their own learning as well as their responsibilities for success in a particular course. Mid-Semester Student Feedback provides opportunities for additional sources of information on teaching as per the faculty manual, i.e., Mid-Semester results, a letter from a peer facilitator. (See E.12.1 Teaching and Advising). Finally, Mid-Semester Student Feedback can provide useful data for publishing on the scholarship of teaching and learning. I have collaborated with faculty and students across campus on conference presentations, articles, chapters and books.

Contact TILT for more information, for scheduling me or someone else to facilitate a feedback session for you, or for some training to conduct your own session. Email or call Dr. Debora Colbert: or 491-2645.

For Spring 2013, the Mid-Semester Student Feedback is co-sponsored by the CSU chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP).

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Colorado State University AAUP is now online

Welcome to the website and blog of the Colorado State University chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP). We will use this site to provide updates about upcoming events, current chapter projects, and the latest news concerning academic freedom. You can also find more information about the mission of the AAUP as well as resources for learning more or getting involved.

Thanks for joining us as we build the AAUP chapter at Colorado State University. Please let us know what issues are important to you so we can include useful information as we build this site.


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