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Fichtenbaum Event


Dr. Rudy Fichtenbaum, National AAUP President and Professor at Wright State University, will speak at CSU to help dedicate our new Center for the Study of Academic Labor. This will be part of a two-day event in which Scott Clifthorne, AAUP Northwest Regional Coordinator, will give a training session and hands-on experience at organizing and recruitment, to kick off a recruitment drive over recent issues at our regional schools:


HB14-1154 Equal Pay bill

Recent Events at CSU-Pueblo

Patti Adler case

TILT Resources

Mid-Semester Student Feedback offers an opportunity for instructors to engage students in a constructive discussion of course strengths, concerns and possible improvements while there is still time to consider changes.

Contact TILT for more information, for scheduling someone to facilitate a feedback session for you, or for some training to conduct your own session. Email or call Dr. Debora Colbert: or 491-2645.